To celebrate the release of our website we’re dropping an exclusive mix made by our very own bossman, Nicon. He’s created a mix that embodies the Next Level sound from start to finish so you know what you can expect from the label in the very near future. It’s also Nicon‘s first recorded mix in over 4 years so you better strap in for this one!

He goes in with a bunch of forthcoming Next Level tracks unforgettable classics and present day bangers that’ll make you think it’s 2010 again.

To listen and download the mix check out our podcast section.

Next Level’s Next Level

As you can see our website is now online!

Nextleveldubstep.com is the place to get the latest news surrounding the label, artists and events! Check out the shop for releases, vinyl and a lot more in the near future. We’ve also set up a mailing list for everybody who doesn’t want to miss anything. You can sign yourself up directly via the form to the right of this post.

We’re super stoked and we hope you’ll check back regularly as we’ll be updating this as much as we can.

I promise we’ll not disappoint you!