• Name
    Bukez Finezt
  • Origin

Bukez Finezt is Germany’s most active and versatile Dubstep producer to date. His journey into music started in the mid 90’s.

To be precise in 1997 was when he finished his first productions. He started with Rap, Big Beat, Breakbeat and Drum ‘n Bass when 1999/2000 came around. In 2006 he started producing his first Dubstep tracks. Influenced heavily by artists such as DMZ, Kromestar, Pinch, Distance, Rusko, Caspa, Skream. The love for the genre made sure he kept producing and playing out the music he’s still in love with today.

After releasing his seminal anthem “Under Control” the name Bukez Finezt got propelled to the forefront of the who’s who within the Dubstep scene and he’s only gained more momentum ever since.  As a DJ he’s shared the decks with the scene’s key figures names and has headlined numerous shows world wide. Nowadays he’s releasing tunes on a large variety of labels such as Deep Medi, Disciple, Firepower, Subway, Next Level, Never Say Die and more. These tracks have gained the support of the scene’s major players such as Mala, Kromestar, Datsik, Hatcha, Joe Nice, Coki, Skrillex, Distance, Khan, Vivek, Caspa, 12th Planet and Rusko to name a few.

Bukez Finezt is the full package. Ranging from deep, amazing sound designed, heavy hitters to silly basslines and wonky rhythms. Even Grime Trap-Beats, HipHop, Dub and other genres aren’t safe from Germany’s next top wobble.

Bukez Finezt x Next Level Dubstep

Next Level