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Nicon is one of those DJ’s that doesn’t know how to quit. He jumped onto the scene in 2005 and is still going from strength to strength.

In 2005 he appeared with his headphones, record bag, a handful of demo cd’s out of nowhere and he’s stayed around ever since. While he technically may not be a youngster anymore, he’s still as energetic as a 16 year when it’s his time to play.

Nicon is considered throughout the country as someone who plays a vital part in the current Dutch Dubstep scene. His “Subway XL” events brought in artists and visitors from all over the world. All the while he supported up and coming talent via his label “Subway Music” which helped launch artists such as Franky Nuts, Hebbe and Bukez Finezt.
But after 10 years it was time for a change and he decided to hit the reset button and launch a new label project called “Next Level”. With his new label he wants to build a bridge between the hard and deep Dubstep sounds, which he thinks been growing apart for far to long now.

With his new Next level imprint Nicon’s recharged and ready to make some heads turn. Expect to hear releases that’ll let you think about those good ol’ Skream and Benga days while sounding fresh exciting and new.

Nicon x Next Level Dubstep

Next Level