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After being born in 1991, it was not until 2006 that Noclu first ventured into trance music.

The first productions of the Munster, Germany native incorporated the kind of energetic bass-lines and melodic synths that drew him to the genre, and which feature heavily in his work to this day.

After experiencing the shattering sub-bass of Rusko and Datsik at a local venue, Noclu became enamoured with the gutteral punch of Dubstep. Taking initial inspiration from the Dubstep scene, especially DJs Datsik and Tes la Rok, his increasing curiosity and desire for experimentation in bass music lead him to the more atmospheric sounds of Sorrow, Burial and CoMa.

Gradually honing this ‘deeper’ sonic direction, Noclu secured a limited 7″ vinyl releases on Empty Rich Heart Records. His knack for self-promotion and strong social media following meant that 2013 saw him gain recognition and writeups from blogs such as EDM.com, as well as support from UKF via their 6 million subscription Dubstep channel.
With keen interest from several key record labels in the genre, Noclu is already a one to watch on the scene. Be prepared to see his name around a lot more.”

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