Ternion Sound goes Next Level

Ternion Sound is one of those formations that just can’t do no wrong. Since their “Hopeless EP” dropped on Distance’s Chestplate Recordings the trio has been unstoppable. Tracks such as “Verify Me” and “Parasite 6” became instant DJ favorites which gained them the support of some of the scene’s household names. Their sound is a fresh take on the original Dubstep sound. It’s hard, deep, groovy, dubby all at the same time. Just the way we like it. So naturally we had to get these guys on a release. Thanks to our mutual friend Bukez Finezt it happened and the result unmistakably is next level.

The “No Other Way EP” is one wild ride from start to finish. It’s probably Ternion’s heaviest outing to date. While already gained the support of Caspa, J:Kenzo and others, when you listen you’ll know why.

Starting off with the title track “No Other Way”.  The intro’s bass guitar slaps away at you while giving you that gritty downtown kind of feeling. Just before everything turns black & white the guys go in with a bass line that is both relentless and intense which had us from the moment we heard it. But that’s not enough for the Ternion men. They just keep cranking the juice on this one giving it almost beastial characteristics as the track progresses.

“Dovetail” is a different kind of cookie though. With this track Ternion reminds us why we fell in love with Dubstep in the first place. The magic of a well worked out wobbler is lovely when done correctly and Dovetail delivers on all fronts. It’s militant and angry while it keeps it groovy, fun and bouncy. We know it’s not much of description to go on but those are words that come to mind when one plays this track.

Guarding the rear is “Jammer”. A gnarly sounding stomper that’s bursting with energy. It starts of light and sweet but as soon as you near the drop you can tell it’s going to show you a darker side. It then skips of snarling and growling away and showing you why it earned the title Jammer.

This is all wrapped in a black & white sleeve with artwork made by the sick Karimooo and pressed on 180g solid white vinyl with black inner sleeve making this our second vinyl release!

This release will be available on the 20th of september at the first Next Level Label Night @ Perron, Rotterdam.

If you can’t make the show you can pre-order your copy via the Next Level Webshop.

All other shops vinyl & digital release on 27th of September.

Preview: Two Rangers – Gunslinger Riddim

Recently strange interdimensional frequencies have been causing trouble within the audiosphere. Further investigation is required before any countermeasures can be taken. For this special mission we needed professionals, but a special kind, sonic renegades so to speak. Two intergalactic individuals heard the call and offered to take on the dreaded task. These individuals call themselves the Two Rangers but are known to some as Bukez Finezt and NGHT DRPS. Intergalactic adventurers who know what to do when the stakes are high.

As the Rangers embark on their cosmic journey they come across a cyborg who villagers call “The Gunslinger”

To be continued…..

Premiere: Donkong – Cheddar Goblin

Next up on the label is Donkong. An up and coming act from Berlin that’s been sending us some serious fire since their appearance on NXTLVL003. The fire is so serious even the gentlemen of Noisia have taken notice. Check out this clip of Noisia Radio which features Donkong’s Cheddar Goblin, forthcoming on their Breathing Zeros EP releases end of July.

If you want to hear the full show. We got you covered.

Out Now: Headache VIP

So… After a slight mixup on Nicon’s side (sorry guys…) We can finally tell you…
ThatBukez Finezt‘s Headache VIP is now available on ALL platforms! Stream, download, play or mix until your heart’s content but whatever you do, play it loud!

Every vinyl copy from every shop comes with a free download code! (WAV & MP3)

Check out the NXTLVL004 release page for streaming & buy links

Headache VIP first run sold out!

WOW! This is just insane. It’s not even the 22nd of March yet but the first run of Headache VIP 12 inches is already completely sold out.

Bukez and I would like to send out huge thanks to everybody who pre-ordered a copy of Next Level’s first vinyl release. To say we’re honored by this is an understatement.

Since demand is so high we immediately issued a repress to make sure everybody can get their hands on one! In case you haven’t bought one yet head on over to our webshop right now and order your copy.