As the first label night draws closer and closer the pre party jitters are starting to set in. We’ve posted tonnes about the artists. But what about the location? The infamous Perron nightclub? Time to dive in and show you guys what this club is about and what it has been through the past few years.

Perron has and will always be known as Rotterdam’s techno stronghold. From 2011 till 2015 they infused the Rotterdam nightlife with some of the wickedest and darkest techno line-ups you could imagine. But techno wasn’t the only thing being played in this club, because every month the gentlemen of the Blendits crew would take over the club and flood the Perron soundsystem with the best Dubstep and Drum ‘n Bass you could imagine. They would come down and turn this club upside down with headliners such as Skream, Benga, Goldie, Rockwell, Requake and tonnes of others. Every edition was a proper gathering of friends and music lovers alike making this a night you didn’t want to miss.
But as usual in Rotterdam this club wasn’t meant to last and in 2015 the city forced them to shut the club down because of their new plans for the area.

The comeback kid
But what’s harder than shutting a club down? Keeping it shut. While the city said they had plans for the venue the plans kept being postponed. This gave owner Aziz an idea and after months of hard work, talks with the city and even more patience the rumours began to spread. “Perron is coming back”… for months we waited for that announcement and November 2018 it finally happened. Now Perron is back with avengence and is rocking up another techno storm within Rotterdam but for how long is still unclear.

Time to take it to the Next Level
So when we thought of a club to hold our first label night at. Perron was first and only club that came to mind. This club has Next Level written all over it and now ten months after the reopening it’s time to switch it up once again. Time to swap out the dark techno for some dark Dubstep, to make that funktion one system purr once again, to let those chests rattle and to dust off those gunfingers. Because we got a line-up in store that’s almost like it was tailor made for this venue.


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