Fusion / Universe

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    28 May 2021
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    01. Fusion
    02. Universe

He’s back! After releasing his debut track on the Update 1.0 EP last year NVRMND returns to Next Level with an EP of solo material that’s bound to make some heads look his way. But before you get hit with that it’s time for a little warm up in the form of; “Fusion” & “Universe”. Two tracks that couldn’t be further apart in regards to sound, which makes them the perfect combo to introduce this up and coming producer and show you what he’s got in store for the future.

NVRMND kicks in the door with “Fusion” and it seems he doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process. You can tell the Coki & Jakes inspiration was flowing through the room when this one got made, a track for the rowdy hours that’ll definitely be responsible for his fair share of damages once it touches a soundsystem.
On the second track he pulls a full 180 and delivers an melodic roller in the form of “Universe”. A track that’ll suck you in with its big trance inspired hook and infectious up tempo drum patterns but won’t let go so easily.

Next Level